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Kids Parties

Pricing - £15 per Child

  • Pole hire & Bait - 1 hour fishing

  • Broken or tangled lines - £3.00 (extra per tangled line)

  • Kid's Meal

  • Refreshment Drinks

  • Party Size Ice Cream Sundae

Kid's parties are great to have here at Redbridge Lakes - no matter what your party it's an interesting alternative to a normal birthday party. 

What will happen on the day?

Fishing - Back to Basics (Video) - Click Here

Before The Fishing - Click Here

Getting the Best out of the Party - Click Here

What supervisors need to know - Click Here

Health & Safety

This is mostly common sense, but please take time out to read our Health & Safety documentation that is available here or in the cafe entrance area. You never know what you may learn!!

Book Your Party Here

To book your party, please ring our number:

0208 551 5663

Please Note

Party decorations are encouraged but we do ask as a wildlife area that you please don't bring litter or table confetti or anything that may harm our lake and wildlife. Many thanks for your support.

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