Frequently asked questions

Can I have a BBQ

Can members bring guests

Do I need to be a member to visit

Can I take a look around before I join

How much does the fishing cost

I want to bring my children to learn how to fish

What discounts are there for senior citizens and disabled

what fish are in the lakes

How do the fishing competitions work

what is the friends grou

Where does the water come from

What are they doing next door on the rugby field

How deep are the lakes

Disability access

What are your opening times

Can I use a keepnet

What are the bait restrictions

What is the difference between a barbed and barbless hook.

Can we swim in the lakes

Can I feed the ducks

How to I Photograph a fish

What is a landing net used for

Do you hire out equipment

Can we book the lake for an event

What are those broken shells on the bank

Can a club book the lakes for fishing

How long have the lakes been here

Can I purchase the lakes honey

what is the recycle shop