For your security and comfort, we are now a members-only venue. Apart from angling, all facilities are FREE to members and their guests.

Membership allows you to use all the facilities and bring guests along.

We have recently changed the way we manage our memberships and by listening to our members we are offering a monthly payment schedule.


For all new members, we require you to pay the initial £20 joining fee

AND set up the £5 monthly payment.

You will receive an access fob when you first visit and this gives you access to the grounds and Café.


For all current members with a current active membership, you need to simply set up the £5 monthly payment for continued access to the facilities.


We hope this all makes sense and as always we are a work in progress, please let us know of any issues you may have so we can evolve together.

The membership does not include your daily fish fees of £10 per day, or £2 per hour.