Rules & Regulations

All Visitors:

  • All Visitors are required to abide by our health and safety policy that is available to read either online or in the entrance to the café.

  • Speed limit. Strictly 5 MPH. Please park sensibly. No driving along the bank.              

  • Disabled anglers may be allowed to drive along the bank, but ONLY with prior consent from the management.

  • ONLY MEMBERS DOGS are allowed providing they are kept strictly under control, on a lead and any mess is cleared up and taken away.

  • It is important to keep well away from the anglers, as any disturbance can affect their days fishing. Anglers, fishing tackle can be extremely expensive and a broken fishing pole could cost you hundreds of pounds to replace, so please be very careful!!!!

  • Please, Please don’t feed the wildlife, it only causes them to become a nuisance to the anglers as they learn to believe that anyone who gets close to the bank side is there to feed them and they could become entangled in the angler’s line.

  • No Fires or Barbecues. No litter, please take it away or use the recycling bins provided.

  • No alcohol (unless purchased and consumed in the cafe area).

  • No Picnics.

  • No noisy or indecent behavior. Please use the toilets provided in the main café building.

Fishing Rules:

  • All anglers must register at the tackle shop prior to fishing.

  • No Keep nets to be used. (except in competitions or with prior consent)
    Landing nets will be supplied by the fishery if you don't have your own.

  • Keep nets for competitions must be clean and dry before use.

  • Only single BARBLESS hooks to be used.

  • Trace lines must be used with a lower breaking strain to main line.

  • No excessive ground baiting or disposing of bait in the water or on bankside at the end of the day.
    This can lead to poor water quality, distressed fish, poor catch rates and vermin problems (Any unused bait must be taken away or left with the management for proper disposal).

  • No fishing from anywhere except the designated fishing positions.

  • All fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible.

  • Fish must be unhooked carefully. if you are unable to disgorge a fish please ask for assistance. 

  • Swinging large fish to hand without the use of a landing net will not be tolerated.

  • Walking along the bank with fish will not be tolerated.

  • Photographs of fish must be with fish in or over a wet net close to the ground.

  • Do not use a towel to hold fish as it removes their protective slime.

Dog Owners:

  • Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead at all times.

  • Dogs mess must be cleared up and taken away.

  • Dogs walking must be kept to the footpaths, away from the bankside and well away from anglers and fishing tackle.

  • Dogs are not allowed in the cafe.

  • Dogs must not sit on the seats or tables.

  • Yappy dogs should not be allowed to annoy other visitors.

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