• Everyone is required to abide by our health and safety policy. This is available to view online


  • How we Operate

  • At Redbridge Lakes we pride ourselves upon the sense of community cohesion we have developed here

  • Please be sure to interact with your fellow members regardless of their race or culture, as this is what has made our community here so friendly and special.

  • Members are allowed to bring guests along with them to use the facilities.

  • Your key will open the café door and at times when we are not staffed, you can serve yourself from the drinks and food that is readily available and we will trust that you will pay by cash or PayPal the correct money through the slot in the counter.

  • Similarly, Angling members can bring along the occasional guest for fishing and you can serve yourself to bait and any bits of tackle you require and pay by PayPal or cash through the slot outside the shop.

  • Children fishing with a paying adult fish for free.  

  • Your adult guest pays the same price as a member.

  • Please remember, that if you bring guests along, they are your responsibility and you must be here to let them in and out with your key. 

  • Members with Dogs. 

  • All dogs no matter what shape or size must always be kept on a lead.

  • It’s also your responsibility to have adequate liability insurance.

  • It goes without saying that dogs mess must be cleared up. 

  • Dogs are not allowed in the café.

  • Yappy dogs that affect members peace and quiet are not welcome.

  • Finally, our German Shepherd Guard Dog, has a free run of the lakes up to an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise. She is not a particular lover of other dogs, so if you are visiting with your dog early morning or late evening, please check with us first in order to prevent any doggy conflict.

  • Walking Around.

  •  Visitors are reminded that the Anglers Pay a fee to fish here and have priority whilst fishing, so please keep away from anglers and the bank side and very importantly, do not attempt to step over the extremely fragile and expensive fishing poles that you will occasionally see across the footpath. If you ask, the anglers would much prefer to move them out of your way, than risk an expensive accident.

  • The Environment.

  • We don’t need to remind you of the importance of clearing away rubbish, hooks and lines etc, but It may be worth reminding you that fish and other creatures can also suffer from the affects of nicotine, so please don’t throw cigarette butts into the water or on the ground.

  • Fish and wildlife preservation.

  • Fish should be treated with the respect they deserve just like any other creature and there well being should be at the top of every respectable anglers list. Barbed hooks are a definite no; you should always use barbless hooks. Handling fish with a towel is another definite no, as it removes the slime that protects it against disease. Take great care unhooking fish to prevent any damage, deep hooked fish should only be disgorged with a plastic disgorger. ( Not forceps) Always use a landing net on larger fish, swinging them to hand will damage their mouth.           Return them safely to the water as soon as possible.

  • Please don’t feed the wildlife, there is plenty of natural food here. Feeding causes them to become attracted to the anglers as they learn to believe that anyone who gets close to the bank side is there to feed them and they could become entangled in the angler’s line.

  • Respect for fellow members.

  • No Fires , Barbecues or Picnics.

  • No alcohol (unless purchased and consumed in the café area).

  • No noisy or indecent behaviour.

  • Use the toilets provided in the main café building

  • If you wish to pick any of the fruit or berries during the season then you are welcome, but only for your consumption whist you are here, please leave some for the next person.

Fishing Rules:

  • All anglers must pay for fishing before they leave the venue.

  • No Keep nets to be used. (except in competitions or with prior consent)
    Landing nets will be supplied by the fishery if you don't have your own.

  • Keep nets for competitions must be clean and dry before use.

  • Only single BARBLESS hooks to be used.

  • Trace lines must be used with a lower breaking strain to main line.

  • No excessive ground baiting or disposing of bait in the water or on bankside at the end of the day.
    This can lead to poor water quality, distressed fish, poor catch rates and vermin problems (Any unused bait must be taken away or left with the management for proper disposal).

  • No fishing from anywhere except the designated fishing positions.

  • All fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible.

  • Fish must be unhooked carefully. if you are unable to disgorge a fish please ask for assistance. 

  • Swinging large fish to hand without the use of a landing net will not be tolerated.

  • Walking along the bank with fish will not be tolerated.

  • Photographs of fish must be with fish in or over a wet net close to the ground.

  • Do not use a towel to hold fish as it removes their protective slime.

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