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Nature Trail & Play Area

Wildlife Nature Trail - Click Here

There are many other activities at Redbridge Lakes that do not involve fishing. Here is an overview:

Bug City

Dipping Pool at Tadpole Bridge

I am sure that we all remember how much fun we had as children netting newts & other pond dwelling creatures. This facility is fun for the kids and adults alike. Take along a net and a Jam Jar & see what you can find!

Bug City!

If you love creepy crawlies, then you’ll love bug city. Bug City is a purpose built natural habitat for all species of insects and spiders to dwell happily and undisturbed. Great care & attention has been put into the development of a suitable environment for these creatures to thrive in. Adjacent to Bug City, they have a neighbouring block for the solitary Bees called Gnat West Bee Bank!

Honey Bees

Epping Bee Keepers use a corner of the site to look after their Honey bees where you can visit the wild flower meadow and watch the honey bees along with their Butterfly colleagues gathering nectar from the flowers.

Ornamental Pond Water Wheel & Hand Pump

A recreation of how it was, gives you the opportunity to go back in time, try out the restored original hand pump, that was once the point for social gathering much the same as the modern water cooler is today.

Mums, Dads & Kids

When the weather is nice, bring the Kids down for a spot of fishing, we give free tuition and all the tackle is onsite for you to hire, or when the Kids are at school, why not meet up with your friends for one of our speciality coffees in our Café.

Children's Play Area

Climbing, Swinging and walking along a log are all great down to earth activities that children enjoy. Our play area is Free. So long as parents are in constant attendance and are aware of the safety risks. Health and Safety documents can be found here.

Nature Trail Checklist

We have created a downloadable checklist of all creatures great and small that can be found at Redbridge Lakes. If you would like to have some fun finding these creatures and also find out more about them, why not download and print out our checklist and see how many creatures you can find!

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